Colorado Appeals Attorneys

Appeals For Clients

Going to trial is about getting a just result, but it doesn’t always work out that way. If you believe that your civil or criminal trial ended with an unjust result, you may have grounds for an appeal. The attorneys at Anne Whalen Gill, L.L.C. have 70 years of combined knowledge experience in taking on appeals for clients who need more from the legal system.

Committed To Justice For You

The lawyers at Anne Whalen Gill, L.L.C. have committed their careers to the process of appeals and are one of a few firms in the state that focuses on this practice. Our knowledge of the legal system and understanding of judicial consideration can help you, and your trial attorney be proactive about your case.

Anne Whalen Gill, L.L.C. wants to understand your case from the very beginning to help you build upon your arguments in court. We believe in examining a case from the origin of the law in an effort to bring the complexities of the legal system to justice that suits your needs at a personal level.

Take Action Today Preserve Justice

If you wish to file an appeal, you need to act quickly. Talk to the lawyers at Anne Whalen Gill, L.L.C. today about options for your case. Help is available to everyone in Colorado. Contact our firm in Castle Rock today by calling 720-370-5115 or send an email. Don’t wait any longer to take a critical step toward justice with an appeal.