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Dispositive Motions And Preserving Issues

As an attorney involved in a trial, you are worried about your client, the judge and your arguments. You want to do your best at trial in presenting a robust case. However, because you are focused on the immediate matters of your case, you may need a second voice in strengthening your case for the future.

Anne Whalen Gill, L.L.C. is available to help with dispositive motions and preserving issues in your civil or criminal case. We take on all issues in all state and appellate courts including the Colorado Court of Appeals and Colorado Supreme Court.

  • C.R.C.P. 12 and 56: Dispositive motions that can end trial-level litigation. We can provide or assist with legal memorandums and briefing.
  • C.R.C.P. 60 (b). Motions for Relief from Judgment. We can analyze the strategies for vacating judgment after the time for a direct appeal has run.
  • C.R.C.P. 62 an C.A.R. 8. Stay Of Proceedings To Enforcement A Judgment. Motions for stays can raise substantive legal issues that we analyze and provide insight into an overall strategy for your case.
  • C.A.R. 21. Original Proceedings in the Supreme Court. We can assess whether your case presents the extreme situation calling for immediate intervention by the Supreme Court to get the case on the right track.

Fighting The Roadblocks To Justice

Anne Whalen Gill, L.L.C.‘s practice combines 70 years experience in the law to add knowledge and depth to your case. Our experience and perspective allow us to quickly understand the requirements of your case for the future.

While you take on the everyday aspects of your case, we will collaborate with you in a research and advisory role in an effort to pursue a court ruling to finality.

Collaborate On Your Case With Anne Whalen Gill, L.L.C.

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